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Spread Joy 24/7 is a movement to anonymously spread joy and make people's day a little better and brighter by leaving encouraging & uplifting letters & notes of self-affirmation and love in unexpected public places for strangers to find, as well as doing random acts of kindness and good deeds. 

  The world needs more love and joy! You NEVER know the pains and hardships someone is facing, or how lonely and empty they may feel.


I truly believe one kind word or compliment, smile, or letter really can CHANGE, and even SAVE lives! 


I created this site in hopes of being a place for people to find and share encouraging images, and quotes as well as share how the found letters have touched their lives, so please leave your comments and pictures on the Found Letters page.


I'd love for people to use site as a place to connect with and encourage others. Leave your prayer requests and stories of praise, as well as share your inspiration stories and ideas of ways they have personally received, witnessed,or performed acts of kindness, so others maybe inspired to spread joy in similar ways. l'd love to hear your story!


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